Fees and Diagnoses Treated

I am out-of-network with insurances, but will give you a itemized receipt to submit to your insurance upon request.  Most insurances reimburse between 60-80% of the out-of-network cost.  Why am I out-of-network?  Many insurance companies dictate how physical therapists are able to treat specific injuries.  Being out-of-network allows me to utilize a whole body treatment approach versus treating only for pain management.  Through a whole body treatment approach we are able to get to the root cause of your symptoms so you function better after our treatment then before you were injured.  

All treatment sessions are one-on-one for 1 hour.


Please call or email for more information.

Strength Training-Stability-Physical Therapy Whitefish


  • Acute and Chronic Orthopedic/Musculoskeletal Injuries and Pain

    • Feet/ankles

    • Knees

    • Hips

    • Shoulders

    • Elbows

    • Wrist/hands

  • Neck and back pain

  • Headaches/Cranial Mobilization

  • TMJ pain/dysfunction

  • Neurological conditions

  • Sports related injuries

  • Scar tissue mobilization

  • Visceral Manipulation

    • Fertility

    • GI distress (constipation/diarrhea/heartburn/acid reflux)

  • Women’s Health: pregnancy, post-partum care, incontinence, prolapse, pain

Moutain Biking-Physical Therapy Whitefish


  • Assessment of general body mechanics for daily, recreational or sports related activities to identify potential problem areas limiting your full potential for optimum performance.

Cross Fit-Gym-Physical Therapy Whitefish


  • Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly sessions to keep yourself pain-free or continue to maintain or improve your competitive edge.