Functional Manual Therapy®

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The Body Mechanic believes that each individual’s history writes a unique story related to injury, pain and function which makes it crucial to have your rehab tailored to your individual needs.  My treatment approach focuses not only on understanding and treating your localized pain, but addressing the source of your pain based on your unique health history, work life, hobbies and sports.  My extensive training in Functional Manual Therapy® allows me to evaluate and treat interdependent human body systems to not only eliminate your pain, but improve your ability to function in all aspects of your life.  My goal for each of my clients is that after treatment they are not only pain free, but moving and functioning better than before.

What is Functional Manual Therapy®:  The basis of the FMT approach is that each and every person has existing potential.  As a Certified Functional Manual Therapist, my goal is to help you optimize your physical health by unlocking your potential. 

The FMT treatment approach encompasses 3 specific areas of treatment:

Hand and Wrist Treatment

  • Mechanical: hands on treatment of the soft tissues, joints and visceral structures that may be limiting your ability to move in the most efficient way. Scar tissue grows like tree roots and can be a large mechanical restriction that needs to be addressed post-abdominal surgery as it can contribute to low back and hip pain in the future.

  • Neuromuscular: hands on facilitation of muscles that are inhibited and cannot fire based on compensatory patterns or pain. Once appropriate muscles firing is re-established, strength is facilitated in various functional positions through various ranges of motion specific to your rehab needs and goals.

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  • Motor Control: combining your new mobility from hands on soft tissue/joint treatment with your improved stability from your neuromuscular control training we transition treatment focus to training your body to use these gains for your specific activities such as running, biking, or climbing stairs.


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