The Body Mechanic-Physical Therapy Whitefish

I graduated with my doctorate in physical therapy from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas in 2010.  I moved to the Seattle area after graduating and continued to pursue my passion for learning through attending various manual therapy continuing education courses.  In 2016, I tested and passed my certification test with distinction to become a Certified Functional Manual Therapist.

My passion to become a Certified Functional Manual Therapist and treat through a manual therapy approach stems from my own rehab journey.  Five years ago, I injured my hip and was unable to run for a year. I tried a number of different physical therapy approaches with only some improvement but no resolutions of symptoms. It wasn't until I started my training in Functional Manual Therapy®, that I felt the true heart of my injury was being addressed.  Through that treatment, I have become a faster and more efficient runner than I have ever been in the past. 

Functional Manual Therapy® has most recently played a large role in my personal life during and after my pregnancy with my son.  Receiving treatments throughout my pregnancy from a functional manual therapist kept me pain-free and able to exercise until the day I gave birth and return to swimming two weeks after he was born.

It is my goal that each one of my clients are able to do what they love without pain and become stronger, faster, and more efficient in all aspects of their life after treatment.