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We only have one body to live the life we want to live.  Discover how different your body can move and function with individual and personalized treatment from the Body Mechanic.

  • Prior to finding PJ I had been in physical therapy with a shoulder injury with no improvement. PJ’s approach was very different - she accessed my entire body, posture, flexibility, previous injuries, etc. - to determine what was causing my issues. Not only did she 100% resolve my shoulder issues, but my neck and back benefited from treatment also.
    — D.S.
  • PJ is excellent at explaining what she’s doing, why she’s doing it, and what actions I can take at home to see improvement. She takes a very “whole body” approach and goes above and beyond fixing just the specific issue, but also focuses on other related areas that might be causing the problem or affected by it.
    — A.F.
  • When I met PJ in 2014 I wasn’t sure I’d ever walk pain-free again, because of a surgical complication that resulted in ongoing nerve damage for about nine months. I was in constant pain and not able to live my life. I had tried numerous therapies with no lasting change and faced an uncertain future, until I started to work with PJ and began to have physical changes that lasted. With her dedication, we’ve rebuilt my physical resiliency to a point that’s allowed me to live a fulfilling life doing what I love.
    — A.S.
  • Working with PJ was instrumental in me recovering from knee surgery and a hamstring attachment injury. Through working with PJ, she also really helped me gain more balance in my body by smoothing left over scar tissue that I have from a previous abdominal surgery that affects my right and left hips and their alignment. I had no idea that internal scar tissue could affect my hip alignment which made my knee surgery recovery a bit more challenging. Once we got the scar tissue smoothed out my knee worked better. PJ is highly trained and educated, thorough, kind, caring, and I highly recommend working with her for any physical therapy needs.
    — T.S.
  • As an avid hiker, rock climber, yogi, and mother of two young kids, I put a lot of wear and tear on my body in day-to-day life. PJ has done an incredible job of helping me get back up to speed following injuries and keep me moving as optimally as possible so that I keep up with my kids and continue doing all the active things I love!
    — S.P.
  • PJ was able to identify the root causes of my pain instead of just addressing the symptoms. Her sincerity and humor make her a wonderful therapist.
    — R.S.
  • I can’t say enough about the amazing results I got during my physical therapy with P.J. She was so determined to get the mobility back in my shoulder, it was amazing progress. When I started seeing her I was very depressed, after months of previous PT, I felt like I would never recover from my surgery. I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Many, many thanks!
    — C.W.

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