Functional Manual Physical Therapy

Functional Manual Therapy® is a unique approach to physical therapy that addresses the body as an interconnected system.  Treatment focuses on identifying and treating areas of dysfunction due to injury, inefficient posture, or compensations that may contribute to pain, decreased mobility, or degenerative changes.  Joints, soft tissues, nerves, and viscera are treated to restore optimum mobility and manual neuromuscular facilitation techniques are used to get the right muscles firing at the right time during specific functional movements.

One Body, One Life


We only have one body to live the life we want to live.  Discover how different your body can move and function with individual and personalized treatment from the Body Mechanic.


Unlock your existing potential

FUnctional MANUAl THERAPy®

Every body has a unique history.  Your current pain or limitation is only one piece of the puzzle.  Together we can change your body's history so you move better now than before you were injured.

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Ready to eliminate pain or improve your body's mobility?